The tub is made of high-quality acrylic. This material is UV-resistant, colourfast and makes your spa resistant to scratches and knocks. It is also easy to keep clean. You can choose from various colours.
Canadian cedar wood of the highest quality is used for the stylish, natural and distinctive spa shell. The natural oils in the wood make it a durable and water-repellent material that withstands all weather conditions and infestations.


Starline spas are equipped with a wide variety of stainless steel hydrojets. Optioneel kan een blower worden geïnstalleerd met 10 RVS luchtjets. Both the combination of water and air as well as the power and direction of these jets can be adjusted. This way, you can easily create your desired massage. A hydromassage relaxes, gives new energy and relieves tired muscles and joints.